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June 25th 2008



hey didn’t teach me much about PR in journalism school; they just imparted a sense that PR people were less than trustworthy. Funny; they didn’t impart the same sense about journalists, which would have been more useful knowledge, all in all.

Here’s how I feel after more than three decades in the field. There are scummy PR people; big surprise. But on the whole, what PR people say and write is vetted much more extensively than what the media write, or what the folks on the other side of just about any issue write and say. For us, everything we write is reviewed before it’s published – and not just by our clients, but by lawyers, scientists, engineers and others.

It has to be, or else it’s just propaganda. Here’s a good definition of propaganda: Pravda, the old mouthpiece of the USSR, once ran a sports story with the headline: USSR Second, US Next to Last. In actuality, there were only two competitors, with the US placing first and the USSR second. Propaganda sounds good for the moment, but doesn’t stand the tests of truth or time.

Laer Pearce & Associates doesn’t do propaganda. For what we do, click on the thumbnails below and visit our Web site.


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With Obama winning the presidency by seven percent, we can't blame the media. Their laudatory coverage and refusal to extensively probe into Obama's background and [lack of] experience was at best responsible for five percent of his vote, the pundits tell us. Here is a compilation of over 100 significant instances of pro-Obama/anti-McCain bias during the 2008 campaign.

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