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Archive for the 'Iran' Category

July 7th 2009

The Left Uneasily Re-Confronts The Bush Doctrine


ix very long paragraphs into a seven-paragraph column in Slate, Christopher Hitchens finally gets around to the big question, as if it was an intellectual breakthrough of such import it needed a hefty introduction:

Which brings me to a question that I think deserves to be asked: Did the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime, and the subsequent holding of competitive elections in which many rival Iraqi Shiite parties took part, have any germinal influence on the astonishing events in Iran?

Oh, you mean like the Bush Doctrine?  Show them a little Democracy and stand back? Hitchens hedges his bets, saying “one swallow does not make the summer,” and subheading the article (possibly by editors, not Hitchens), “Given the connections between Iraq and Iran, it’s not as unlikely as it sounds).

Unlikely? One swallow? Iraq has a Shi’ite majority and Iran is a Shi’ite country.  Iranians know what the condition of Iraqi Shi’ites was before the war, and they know their condition now.  They see elections that are fair and open being held just across the border, and they know of candidates now holding office in Iraq that would never be approved by the Mullahs to even run in Iran.

The Bush Doctrine meme has been remarkably thin in all the coverage, blogging, punditry and tweeting over the Iran elections, but it stands in the middle of the story like an 800-pound gorilla no one wants to write about. Bush’s war in Iraq so obviously led to the deep yearning for freedom in Iran that the leftist readers of Salon are howling in defensive, unsustainable protest:

Trace192 lays out the familiar diatribe:

Hundreds of thousands of American injured.. millions of innocent Iraqi civilians displaced or killed.. billions of taxpayer’s money wasted..

And there’s Hitch, still desperately grasping at straws in an attempt to justify it.

The loss of life in Iraq, while exponentially smaller than leftists predicted prior to the war, remains tragic and the Left refuses to let a single one of those deaths stand for something.

Candoxx has a disbelief of biblical proportions:

Well well well, not since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ has the extrication of one man and his sons from the planet resulted in so much, eh?

On planet Hitchens.

Philadelphia Steve is so sure of his worldview that he doesn’t want to be bothered by being asked to think about any opposing view. He’ll just remain 100% sure of himself about everything, despite history, despite events:

Do the Neocons ever give up their attempts to justify Bush’s bungled, incompetent, wasteful invasoin and occupation of Iraq?


And they never will.

The only question is why Slate, or anyone else, continues to waste space on people who have been 100% wrong on everything.


Sir Real turns logic on its head, seeing a democracy (of sorts) ruled by Shi’ites as a threat to Iraq just like that big bad Sunni Saddam was:

On the one hand, it’s self-evident that people’s experiences (with, say, a brand spankin’ new neighboring government) color their perceptions.

On the other hand, are you effing kidding me?

You could, AT BEST, argue that the Iranian people are willing to demonstrate because they no longer have to fear Saddam on the border. (The Iran-Iraq war killed 188k+ Iranian men and boys- not the kind of thing you want to re-occur by, say, destabilizing your current government). But to imply that Iraq is some sort of democracy showroom, and that the events of June ’09 are the Iranians just itchin’ to buy is deeply self-serving, especially on the part of those who cheerleading led us there in the first place.

Geopolitics as dominoes- Stupid then (RIP McNamara), Stupid now.

And of course there’s always the leftist who can’t put together a thought without profanity, like the commenter blahblahblah, who’s so jaded, so cool to it all, so above it, so blithely unbothered that he/she actually comments as if thinking in poems; obscene poems to be sure, but poems nonetheless:

Every f****** Iranian you know
believed in the lie that was Moussavi’s lie
which he enunciated at a press conference before the g**d*** returns came in
when he declared that he was the winner of the election,
when in fact every lucid fact and number
before and after the election nationwide spoke otherwise.
So why the f*** should I care about your f***** friends,
when you’ve all become just a bunch of wishful thinking lying b******.

Give me change or a revolution based on the f****** truth
and not the hopeful lies with which you peddle so dearly hateful sir.
Good f****** grief.

I’ll leave out the obscenity, since it’s just not needed: Good grief.


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July 6th 2009

Those Bleeding-Heart, Weak-Kneed Mullahs


eah, yeah, we sure tweeted about the #iranelections and blogged about how awful the Tehraniacs were, quashing political legitimate dissent over a fraudulent election.  But please, the Mullahs in Iran have nothing over the Commies in Beijing, who know how to quickly crush any expression in favor of political freedom.

AP reports from the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi, in the Uighurland west of China, that at least 140 have been killed and nearly 900 arrested after police a protest that up until than had been peaceful, demanding justice for two Uighurs killed last month during a fight with Han co-workers at a factory.  Soon thereafter, columns of paramilitary police were seen pouring into Urumqi, ready to open up a little Lhasa on the minority Uighers.

Sorry for not having a Tehran-like photo of suppression in action, but this is China, folks, and photos aren’t exactly flooding out of there.  In fact, Youku, China’s version of YouTube, and Fanfou, China’s Twitter, were both slammed shut in Xinjiang, and all Internet traffic slowed – a sure sign the government was heavily monitoring chatter.

Now that’s totalitarian suppression! The Mullahs should be moping, ashamed of themselves for their lily-livered response to pro-Democracy demonstrators.

Except not really.  Tehran was dealing pretty much with an all-Persian uprising; the Beijingoists are in the much more comfortable area of racial hatred and tribal supression, something they are very good at – the same thing that made the attacks on Tibet so pleasurable to the Han Chinese majority that runs China.

In Urumqui, as in Lhasa, the unrest is as much racial as it is political – if not more so.  With Chinese economic expansion, the majority Han ethnic group is spreading out throughout China, displacing Tibetans, Uighurs and others as they do.  The minorities complain to Beijing, but the Commies there see them as merely an inferior, backwards minority.

As for the Obama admin, as of 10:45 PST, there were no statements from the White House or State.


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June 24th 2009

Baharestan Square = Tianenman Square


ired finally of all this talk of freedom and unswayed by Obama’s warning that the world is watching (like they ever cared!) the Tehranical Mullahs showed their true selves today as they unleashed their fury on protesters gathered at Bahrestan Square in Tehran.

Listen to this chilling account from a woman calling in to CNN … terrifying:

“They beat people so bad … it’s so devastating I don’t know how to describe it,” she says, barely holding onto her emotions.  How badly did the regime’s Islamist henchmen behave?  How about throwing people to their deaths off pedestrian bridges bad? Or how about swinging into protesters with axes bad?  I was going to post a picture of what it looks like to be hit by an axe by a Bassij militia member, but can’t bring myself to post it on C-SM. You can see it at Threats Watch if you have the stomach.

This is the regime Obama wants to sit down with to discuss honorable things.  Is he still so naive as to believe these Islamist murderers can be trusted? After six plus years of European failure to deal with them? After the blood in Baharestan Square?

Does he really think he’s got the magic words and the electric charm to blind that hateful darkness?


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June 22nd 2009

Raise Your Hand For Freedom


or more outstanding photos from the Iran election protests, click here.


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June 22nd 2009

Europe’s Conservatives Blast Iran


hile the liberal Barack Obama appears to continue to wrestle with his inner demons, struggling to find the right thing to say to confront Tehran’s totalitarians, conservative world leaders don’t seem to find it all that hard to say the right thing.  Here’s Germany’s conservative Angela Merkel, via Voice of America:

Human rights and citizens’ rights are inseparable, and that is why Germany stands behind the people, and peaceful demonstrations in Iran, who want to make use of their freedom of speech and who want to gather peacefully. I, therefore, demand that Iran’s leaders allow peaceful demonstrations, allow free reporting of events, stop the use of violence against demonstrators and free imprisoned people.

It’s too bad the real voice of America, Barack Obama, can’t state it so clearly. French president Nicolas Sarkozy also knows how to string some good words together:

The extent of the fraud is proportional to the violent reaction.  It is a tragedy, but it is not negative to have a real-opinion movement that tries to break its chains.  If Ahmadinejad has really made progress since the last election and if he really represents two thirds of the electorate… why has this violence erupted?

Oh sure, talk like that gets the Tehraniacs’ turbans in a knot:

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki denounced Western criticism as “treacherous” and “unjust,” and accused foreign governments of fomenting unrest in his country.

Yeah, that’s right.  We praised the election results before the ballots were counted. We saw to it that more votes were cast than there are potential voters. We saw to it that Ahmadinejad prevailed in the hometowns of his opponents, towns he had never even visited.

We’d better shut up or they might say bad things about us. Or, perhaps we could just respond ot ridiculous Iranian propaganda the way Sarkozy responded:

We don’t want to give the impression that foreigners … are getting involved in the elections in Iran … but when you have to condemn, you condemn.”


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June 22nd 2009

An Open Letter To The Iranian People


ookworm has gotten frustrated enough with the inept inarticulousness of our supposedly golden-tongued president when it comes to addressing the Iranian people, and has taken pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) to say what America should be saying in support of democracy and human rights in Iran. She begins:

Traditionally, the president of the United States has been the spokesperson for the people of the United States — or, at least, for a majority of the people of the United States. For the first time in modern history, however, we have a president who appears incapable of giving voice to the American people. I therefore address this letter to you in the hope that, in the vacuum President Obama has created, you can hear our voices and know that we stand behind you in your brave fight against a government that has turned against you.

She then articulates beautifully what our president apparently needs to have said for him, and closes:

Because President Obama’s silence is inconsistent with deeply held American values, I sincerely hope that you, the Iranian people, ignore him and listen to our voices. Presidents come and Presidents go (one of the virtues of a truly free electoral system), but American values last. We, the Americans, support your fight and wish you well.

Do read the whole thing, and if you’ve been corresponding with tweeters and bloggers in Iran, forward it to them. They need to know.


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June 20th 2009

Photos From LA Pro-Iran Freedom Demonstration


ncredible Daughter #1 and her Incredible Boyfriend went to today’s pro-Iranian freedom demonstration in West LA . He’s a very good photographer as you can see from his documentation of the rally.

The supportive honking of horns was incessant throughout the rally – so much for anti-Muslim prejudice in America!  When it comes to the quest for human freedom and governmental decency, we will stand beside our brothers and sisters anywhere, any faith, any creed, any country.


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June 20th 2009

Live Video From LA Pro-Freedom In Iran Rally


ncredible Daughter #1 is at the demonstration in LA in support of the Iranian people and freedom in Iran and has been sending me live video.  You can view them here, here, here and here.


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June 20th 2009

The Beginning Of The End For Iran Protests?


f there is one thing the people of Iran have learned since the “glorious” Islamic revolution, it’s to take the words of the supreme ayatollah seriously.

Yesterday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that he’d had enough of this liberty and fair vote crowd and would be clamping down, pronto. And today, the crowds that were reported to be as high as one million yesterday, shrunk to 3,000, according to the Times (UK).  And here’s what they were met with:

Police in Tehran used teargas, metal batons and water cannons on protesters who continue to challenge the recent presidential elections.  …

Earlier today thousands of black-clad riot police were deployed to nearly every public square in the city, outnumbering those on the streets.

They completely blocked off Tehran’s Enghelab ‘Revolution’ Square after Mousavi supporters arranged to meet there.

Those who tried to gather were confronted by officers from all sections of Iran’s security services including the revolutionary guard, military police and religious paramilitaries called the Basij.

Smoke was seen rising from the square as tear gas was deployed on the protesters heard chanting ‘death to the dictator’ and crowds were dispersed with water canons.

Yes, I’ve tinted my avatar green on Twitter in solidarity with Iran’s freedom-hungry people, but that doesn’t mean I’ve ever given this little revolution any chance of succeeding.  I’ve seen totalitarianism at work, with faint memories of the Hungarian revolution when I was five, then Prague’s Velvet Revolution, then the Chinese dictators’ bloody suppression of Tianenmen, and the fade-out of the Azerbaijani revolution, the quick suppression of uprisings in Myanmar and in an encore, the Chinese dictators’ slaughter of monks and citizens in Tibet, Olympics or no Olympics.

Totalitarianism is a bear, a vicious, powerful bear. American presidents should always speak in favor of freedom, promote our system and our ideals, and speak out strongly against the actions of despots. They should pledge America’s strength towards diplomatic and economic actions. But they need to be very cautious when offering encouragement or succor, because history proves that totalitarians are in total control and will kill, torture and imprison to stay that way.

Obama is right not to say anything to encourage the Iranians to take to the street, because if they do and are massacred, he is not prepared to do anything in support of them.  (I’m not saying he’s right not to do anything to support them; only that since he’s not going to help, he shouldn’t encourage them to put themselves in a situation where they may need his help.)

But he didn’t go far enough in condemning Iran’s leaders, not by a long shot. It is not difficult to find the right position in a matter like his – especially if the president puts America’s role as the light for freedom throughout the world ahead of his own ludicrous desire to be photographed sitting next to Mah- I’m in the -moud for some serious head bashin’ Ahmadinejad (rhymes with “Hanging chad? We don’t need no hanging chad!”)  The president is, we’re told endlessly, brilliant. He’s supposed to be so good with words, so fresh diplomatically. 

He’s showing none of it … and the supreme ayatollah is showing us this (caution, upsettingly graphic):

Meanwhile, the NYT reports Obama is steadfastly resisting pressure to step up his rhetoric:

Mr. Obama, officials said, was determined to react to events as they unfold, rather than make statements that might play well politically but hinder his longer-term foreign-policy goals. The administration still hopes to pursue diplomatic engagement with Iran on its nuclear program.

Still, one senior official acknowledged that a bloody crackdown would scramble the administration’s calculations.

It looks increasingly that the bloody crackdown is happening in real time, right now. Will it scramble Obama’s calculations – or will he continue to put his desire to talk to Ahmadinejad, the recipient of the benefits of the corrupt election, ahead of America’s role as the world’s foremost advocate for human dignity and freedom?


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June 19th 2009

Obama’s Still Weak On Iran, Even As Congress Speaks Out


n case you’re looking for a reminder of what a fruitcake Ron Paul is, consider this: He is the sole member of the House who voted against a resolution condemning the Iranian government and supporting the Iranian people. The Senate subsequently passed the resolution as well.

The resolution condemns “the ongoing violence” by the Mullahs and Republican Guard, slams Tehran for suppressing the Internet and cell phones, and expresses support for the Iranian peoples’ desire for freedom.

Meanwhile, President Pantywaist said he is very concerned about the “tenor and tone” of comments coming from Tehran’s Religious Whackjob In Chief, and added – in an interview taped with CBS’ Harry Smith – that Iran’s totalitarian government needs to “recognize that the world is watching,” and that “how they approach and deal with people who are, through peaceful means, trying to be heard” will tell the world “what Iran is and is not.”

I’m sure that will make the Mullahs shake in their sandals and re-think their strategy.  We elected a great orator who could inspire the world and we got a great wimp who puts it to sleep.

Obama needs to drop the word “I” from his vocabulary.  Unless his finger is hovering over the launch button or he has a pen in hand and is about to sign away another generation’s future, I could care less what he thinks.

He needs to be talking exclusively about us now when he addresses what’s going on in Iran and North Korea, as in:  America believes in freedom, America stands by those who struggle for freedom, America condemns totalitarianism wherever it is because we believe all are created equal and are endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and most important of all, America still has balls.

It’s not about you, Mr. President, it’s about something bigger … if you can comprehend the concept that there actually is something bigger and more important than you.



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