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April 2nd 2010     

Crazifornia Update

Posted by: Laer at 11:24 am

Hello … is anybody out there?

I last posted in July to say C-SM was going on hiatus so I could work on my book, Crazifornia, about how the liberal-environmentalist-public employee troika has tarnished – perhaps permanently – the Golden State.  That turned out to be a bottomless subject, and I’m still plowing away on it.

For regular updates and outrageous news of California, follow Crazifornia on Twitter.

Here’s an update on the book’s status:  In a nutshell, I’m 50 to 60 percent done and I have a hard-working agent, Frank Breeden of Premiere Authors.  He has represented Mike Huckabee among other notable conservative writers, and their affiliated speakers bureau handles Huckabee, Glenn Beck and Ben Stein, among others.

Frank has been busy placing my book proposal before editors.  We’ve gotten very encouraging words from some, and one is now giving it a good consideration.  We’re just getting started, though – this may well be just the learning cycle, taking from the feedback we get, tweaking the proposal and moving to round two.  Or the one who’s considering it may see its genius.  It’s in God’s hands.

I’ve also been collecting endorsements.  Here are three:

Hugh Hewitt, host of the Hugh Hewitt Show, Town Hall columnist, blogger.

Laer has a terrific ideal in Crazifornia - in fact, when he ran the idea by me last summer, I wished I had come up with it myself.  I talk a lot about California on the Hugh Hewitt Show, even though my audience is national, because what h appens in California does matter deeply to the rest of the country … and because it makes great radio.  My audience loves to hear about what a train wreck the state has become, and is always eager to hear the next great story.

I’ve know Laer for 15 years; he’s a genuinely wonderful guy with a big heart that’s being broken by California’s decline and he’s the right guy to write this book.  He’s one of the few people who has a firm grasp on the complex issues facing the state and the ability to write about it with clarity and humor. I think Crazifornia has the potential to be a very popular book, not just here in California, but with politically engaged people around the country. As soon as it’s published, I’m looking forward to having Laer on the show, because I know his stories will fascinate my readers.

Jon Fleishman, publisher of California’s top conservative news aggregator, California Flash Report and vice chairman of the California Republican Party

Laer Pearce provided me with two sample chapters from his book, Crazifornia, and based on them, I believe his idea of exposing regulatory overkill and legislative inanity in California has the potential to tap into a meme that could assure the book’s popularity.   As the publisher of FlashReport, the leading Conservative news portal on California politics, every day I see stories about new bills and regulations that would make California less competitive, less functional and less free. Bringing this insanity to light has proven to be a successful business model for FlashReport because there is both an un-ending flow of outrageous news from Sacramento, and an insatiable desire from my growing readership to learn more.

People in California are hungry for information they can use to turn the state around – or justify a decision to get the heck out.  And people around the country want to know what’s going on here so they can fight California’s influence when it comes their way.  A book like Crazifornia will be of great interest to these people, as it is to me. I can’t wait to read the rest of it.

Lucy Dunn, CEO, Orange County Business Council, Former Director of Housing and Community Development for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State Legislature “Woman of the Year” in 1997 and in 2009, and blogger.

In my career in both government and private industry, I have tried to champion freedom and innovation, especially in a time when burdensome government regulations cripple economic growth.  I have worked with Laer on so many issues and know him to be an insightful and creative problem-solver of the most difficult issues. Laer has one of the best strategic minds in his business, but he also has a sharp wit that frequently makes laughter break out in the midst of tense meetings.  He has a special knack for digesting numbingly complex issues and writing about them with clarity, so I know that Crazifornia will be an entertaining and important book.

I’m always looking for new stories about over-regulation and legislative ineptitude in California, so please contact me with idea – and recommendations … or an interested publisher!

That’s all for now.


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  1. Crazifornia, Here I Come!

  3. Karl

    Nope!  Not here at all.

  4. Bookworm

    How very exciting that you’ve come so far along.  Given that California is a bottomless hole of craziness, I suspect that the book could remain forever at 40-50% complete, as ever more stories of lunacy come down the pipeline.  At some point, you’re just going to have to admit that the best you can include in your book is a representative sample of the lunacy that arises when you give free rein to democratic governance, nicely mixed in with Hollywood morality.
    I can’t wait until your book is published.  You know that I’ll be first in line to buy it when that day comes.

  5. Francis Drouillard

    Yep, right here. Good to hear some publishers have taken the bait.
    Saying what’s wrong with California shouldn’t be that difficult, except that the list could be very long.
    Writing about how to correct it is another matter, particularly with regulations intended to protect our environment. I’d really like to know how you would apply conservative principles to protect and preserve, say, our California coast.
    If the conservative approach is something other than “we’re not really hurting anything” or “it’ll grow back” you might be able to move Californians towards more conservative leadership. Otherwise, those conservatives concerned with environmental issues will still need a political home.

  6. Laer

    Francis, as I’ve said many times before in conversations with you, there is a difference between sensible regulation and nonsensical over-regulation.  My solutions will evolve around that.  Of course, you and I respectfully disagree on what constitutes “sensible” and what constitutes “nonsensical.”

  7. Ymarsakar

    Just keep digging Laer. These book deals look a lot like a self-sustaining wave front, aka making profit while also making war.
    Now the Left likes to say profit is evil but it is simply an economic statement of self-sufficiency and expansion. By making a product or service profitable, one can expand it to a greater number of humans and keep on doing it without running out of money.
    This is the only real way to fight the Left’s AIDs infection. A self replication resistance force that never runs out of money or spirit because it self-regenerates. The ultimate in resiliency.
    Btw, back when I was bored and hated going through tens of Hollywood movies only to find it all to be dreck, I asked you for a movie recommendation or so. I found Stardust as a result of reading your blog, which I liked. In return for that, I believe I recommended the Deathstalker series of novels to you. You seemed to find them pretty entertaining. While I don’t have any practical experience to offer on book publishing except to say email Eric Flint here with specific technical questions in which I reasonably believe he will answer using his personal experience with publishing books, I do have something else.
    While you’re dealing with the crazy in California, you can recover your soul energy with these.
    Also good for stealth indoctrination of kids because they’ll never expect conservative messages out of some ultra civilized location like Japan, a furin country.
    Have fun in your endeavours, Laer.

  8. Laer

    Thanks, Y.  I read several of the Deathstalker books and enjoyed them a lot – haven’t read SciFi for quite a while and it was enjoyable dropping back into the realm.  Now my fiction release is the Joe Pluckett novels by C.J. Box – Wyoming Game &  Fish warden as everyman, humbly and honestly working through crime after crime on what’s left of the American fronteir.

  9. Francis Drouillard

    Hello Laer,
    I hope your book is going well.
    As you know, we disagree on a few things related to the California Coastal Commission. However, I’ve found one issue on which we may agree.
    They’re now using projected sea level rise to deprive property owners of the use and enjoyment of their land. I disagree with these recent decisions for several reasons. First, they use an accelerated rate of sea level rise that is based on Michael Mann’s discredited hockey stick. Second, they hand-waving upon hand-waving to establish accelerated bluff retreat rates based on projected sea level rise. Third they say, sorry, based on project bluff retreat rates over 75 to 100 years (whatever the LCP requires), you don’t have enough land to develop, thus you can’t develop at all.
    Presuming that their calcs are correct (which they aren’t) they are depriving the property owner of ALL use and enjoyment of their property. They could just as easily add a use condition that requires the developer to remove development when bluff retreat comes within, say, 25 feet of their development. That way, property owners can use and enjoy their property for a significant portion of that 75 year to 100 year design life.
    For example, say the Commission finds that bluff retreat over 100 years is 100 feet, but development will accommodate only 75 feet. That means the developer can use and enjoy their property for 75 years. However, the way the commission is now abusing AB 32, the developer is denied all use and enjoyment of their property.
    Were the commission to apply the conditions that I suggest, the developer can use their property for longer than projected if bluff retreat rates are lower than anticipated of for much less time if they are faster than anticipated.
    That might be something that you want to address on this blog when you return. It’s a case where the heavy hand of the Coastal Commission does little to protect coastal resources and much to deny property owners their property rights.It’s also an example of a situation I most fear — aggressive imposition of efforts to stop global warming that are destined to fail that will eventually cause voters to turn against all environmental protections, both the worthy and the absurd.
    Enough said. Looking forward to reading your book.

  10. Mary Louise

    Hi Laer,
    I stopped by to tell you to make sure you saw that Islamic ‘moderate” beheader in upstate NY was convicted today. Sentencing to follow.
    Thanks again for your post that you wrote at the time…It almost felt like you were voicing something for her soul…You captured it all so well. You have a gift – i hope your book is doing well.

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