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Archive for March, 2008

March 31st 2008

Whoa! Reform, Cuban Style!

Change is sweeping over Cuba since Raul took over from Fidel. Riiiight.

HAVANA (AP) – Raul Castro’s government opened luxury hotels and resorts to all Cubans Monday, ending a ban despised across the island as “tourist apartheid” and taking another step toward the creation of a consumer economy in the socialist state.

Cuba has made a series of crowd-pleasing announcements in the past few days. Cubans with enough cash will be able to buy computers, DVD players and plasma televisions starting Tuesday [that's a big "with"], and soon they’ll even be able to have their own cell phones—consumer goods only companies and foreigners were previously permitted to buy.

Wow! Hey, Raul, how about giving them a vote in a free, open, multi-party election? No? Ya think cell phones will be enough to appease the masses?

Anyway, it’s a lesson in how repressive totalitarian states can be (be they Communist or Islamic or dictatorial). Here we see the granting of freedoms so basic we don’t even think about them in free America being positioned as huge news in Cuba.


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March 31st 2008

Collegiate Indoctrination

I asked Incredible Daughter #1 if she was experiencing a lot of Leftist indoctrination at Chapman U., and she affirmed it’s there in some classes:

From what I’ve seen, there is a liberal slant, but the students aren’t afraid to call BS on stuff that is way out there.

I’m proud to say that she’s one of those unafraid students:

We had some guest speaker in that human diversity’s class, and the class would push them very hard afterwards based on what they said. You may go cross eyed over what one of them said.

She said that it is DISCRIMINATION to assume that someone is heterosexual and that it is OFFENSIVE AND NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT to ask a guy if he has a girlfriend because he might be gay. I told her that if you assume he is gay and he’s straight, you might get your butt kicked, so sorry, I’ll err on the side of political incorrectness.

She was a little shocked at my response.

Interestingly, in our work I’m becoming concerned about writing about real estate developments as “homes for families,” and a cringe a bit each time I see “mom” or “dad” in copy, especially if it’s copy that’s directed to children.

I’m dreading the day gay activists get on us for assuming that houses will be filled with families, not gay couples, or that schools will tell us they’re not interested in materials that assume children have moms and dads, rather than dads and dads, moms and moms, dads and ponies or whatever.

I’m sticking with the good ol’ fashioned copy for now, but feel the ice getting thinner at all times.


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March 31st 2008

Iran’s Heavy Hand

News reports that Iraqi parliamentarians traveled to Qom in Iran to meet with Iranian mullahs and Revolutionary Guards generals to get Moqtada Sadr to stand down are fascinating on so many levels.

How, for example, can Iran help with a stand-down if they didn’t already help with stirring to pot to a boiling point?

And how can some continue to discount direct Iranian involvement in Iraqi violence when confronted by passages like this:

Ali al Adeeb, a member of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki’s Dawa party, and Hadi al Ameri, the head of the Badr Organization, the military wing of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, had two aims, lawmakers said: to ask Sadr to stand down his militia and to ask Iranian officials to stop supplying weapons to Shiite militants in Iraq.

And finally, if the Iraqi government is capable of brokering such an agreement while under fire, what of the talk of the lack of progress in forming an effective government in Baghdad?

h/t: memeorandum


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March 31st 2008

Once Again, Media Set Up Bush For Failure

Like it or not, President Bush got the nation through the tragedies of 9/11, established, put weight behind a new set of foreign affairs policies to deal with the era of global terrorism, and (on his second try) established effective warfare methods against terrorist forces — thereby presiding over an administration that will have long historical legs.

So why this?

Bush Seeks to Salvage Legacy at NATO and Putin Summits

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush left on Monday for his farewell NATO summit and a final heads-of-state meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a bid to salvage a foreign policy legacy frayed by the Iraq war.

Seeking to reassert himself on the world stage in the twilight of his term, Bush will press NATO for more troops in Afghanistan, try to keep up momentum in the alliance’s eastward expansion and attempt to ease strains with Russia.

The article goes on to talk about Bush’s unpopularity in Europe and world leaders who “are looking forward now to the next president in Washington” — kind of like the reporter who wrote this report, ya think?

It is true that lame duck presidents with low popularity ratings (which most lame duck presidents have) have trouble getting buy-in to their long-term policy goals, but Bush has never appeared to be a president who is too concerned about his legacy. Rather, he’s been a do what needs to be done president, a who cares about the polls president.

Who are the leaders of Europe “looking forward” to, anyway? Another Clinton, whose anti-military mindset led us to the brink of 9/11? A McCain, who can be expected to continue a foreign policy stance not dissimilar to Bush’s? Or an Obama, who combines inexperience, an anti-military mind-set and advisors who are pro Arab terrorist (in the sense that they are anti-Israel)?

If this were eight years ago, despite the blue dress hanging in the evidence room, a similar Clinton trip was covered more as a final love-fest, an opportunity for good friends and allies to get together one more time. Interestingly, both Bush and Clinton had controversial missile defense system proposals — something the media is not reminding us of today. Here’s a CNN story from the time:

BERLIN — Plans by the United States to build a National Missile Defense system threatened to overshadow the harmony of President Bill Clinton’s three-day visit to Germany as he received the International Charlemagne Award in Aachen, Germany, on Friday for U.S. contributions to postwar European unity.

That was followed by seven paragraphs about how problematic the missile defense system is (including a defense of the system by Sandy “Stuffed Shorts” Berger), then:

Clinton’s lengthy meeting with Schroeder, followed by a late dinner on Thursday night, signaled a deepening personal friendship but a growing number of issues that German pundits fear may threaten strong ties. …

Clinton is the first U.S. president to receive the Charlemagne award and arrived for church services and an afternoon ceremony in Aachen, the eighth- century capital of Emperor Charlemagne, whose empire at its height stretched from northern Spain to the Elbe in Germany.

Not quite the same tone, eh? No lame duck talk, no looking forward to the next president. And I have to think that if Bush had won a Charlemagne award, the press surely would be awash with talk of American imperialism under the Bush “regime.”

No matter how the media sets it up, Bush’s goals for the trip are straightforward: Do what he can to advance the NATO membership of Georgia and the Ukraine, and try to get his rogue state missile defense system installed in Europe — both over the protests of Vladamir Putin. (By the way, the press is not full of article about world leaders “looking forward now to the next president in Moscow” because they know Putin’s not going anywhere.)

So let’s look back over this story over the next week to see if Reuters and the rest of the world press has once again set up high negative expectations about Bush, only to be disappointed by his success, as they have for eight years now.


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March 30th 2008

Muslims Procreating Like Crazy

Catholics have traditionally been well known for using the marriage bed to create lots of new Catholics — but they’re playing second fiddle to Muslims now:

ROME, March 31 (AP/Breitbart) – The Muslim population in the world exceeded that of Catholics in 2006 for the first time in history, the Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano reported Sunday, adding that the makeover came about as a result of higher fertility rates among Muslims than Catholics. …

According to the report, Muslims accounted for 19.2 percent of the total world population as of 2006, while Catholics made up 17.4 percent and Christians as a whole roughly 33 percent. No specific numbers were unveiled.

The newspaper said the Islamic population is rising chiefly in developing nations, while the number of Catholics remain almost flat in European nations with some growth being seen in Latin America.

The troubling undercurrent of Muslim demographic in Europe has been well documented. It’s Muslim growth in the Muslim world that worries me more, because as long as there’s overpopulation and under-opportunity in the Islamic world, there will be room for radical Imams and hopeless souls who will follow them into jihad.

That’s why I still believe to the neocon ideal of bettering the economic and political situation in Muslim nations, a surefire way to reduce the Muslim birthrate — and achieve many much more important goals.


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March 30th 2008

Sunday Scan

Dith Pram, Journo-Hero, Dies

The world would have learned what Pol Pot did in Cambodia — killing 2 million of its 7 million people — without Dith Pran, but the former NYT translator carried the story to the world so effectively that it’s hard to imagine the story without him.

Dith (Cambodians do last names first) created the term “killing fields” as he survived the horror for five years, and brought us story through The Killing Fields. He survived Pol Pot, but not pancreatic cancer, and there’s a loving obit in the NYT, where he became a photographer.

There’s a quote in the AP story on Dith that I really liked. It didn’t make the NYT story; I think you’ll understand why:

He was “the most patriotic American photographer I’ve ever met, always talking about how he loves America,” said Associated Press photographer Paul Sakuma, who knew Dith through their work with the Asian American Journalists Association.

When you can experience America after living through what happens if countries are left to Communists — particularly crazy Communists in Cambodia’s case — it’s hard not to be patriotic.

Non-Story Of The Day

I bring you the Hooters Girls only to make a point: Some political news stories only exist because of big boobs in tight T-shirts, like this one from the Merc News:

It’s a pretty safe bet Assemblyman Joe Coto won’t be patronizing Hooters anymore.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” Coto, D-San Jose, quipped last week, after IA inquired about the most interesting line item on his campaign expense report for late 2007.

The item on page 73 shows a $319.13 “meeting” at a Hooters restaurant in Sacramento, an eatery more famous for cleavage than cuisine thanks to the “Hooters Girls.” That’s what the attention-loving company calls the young women who dress in tight white tops and skimpy orange shorts while serving burgers, fried chicken and beer to drooling customers.

So what’s Coto – a well-dressed, married man, a former superintendent for the East Side Union High School District – doing eating at a place like Hooters?

I am definitely not a Hooters fan — I’m deeply suspicious of a restaurant that has to rely on sex for customers; it makes me question the quality of its food — but c’mon, if an elected wants to eat there, it’s not like he’s spending campaign funds for crack and lap dances.

But here’s how desperate the media is to titillate: Coto’s Hooters bill was for carry-out for an office dinner, not for table service. Even thought they knew this, the experts in news judgment went ahead with the story anyway.

And we trust them with important stories.

Greenie Fundamentals Revealed

In the Greenie e-mag Greenbang, climate gal Dr. Kate Rowles lets down her guard and tells us what the Greenie/Warmie movement is really all about:

Greenbang: What do you think is wrong with the debate on climate change?

Dr Kate: It hasn’t really got to grips with the fundamental problem, which is that Western, industrialised lifestyles are literally unsustainable. Climate change is just one symptom of this. [The World Wildlife Federation] famously calculated that if everyone on earth were to enjoy the lifestyle of an average Western European, we would need three planet earths.

Not even the most optimistic believers in technology think that we can technofix this problem so that 6 billion people (let alone the projected 9 billion) can enjoy a western lifestyle without ecological meltdown. It follows that we urgently need to rethink what we currently mean by a ‘high standard of living’ and move away from materialistic versions of this to an understanding of quality of life that could be enjoyed by everyone, without causing environmental mayhem. This is about values, not just about technology.

I’m not “the most optimistic believer in technology” by any means, yet I think we can “technofix” the problem, because I believe in the boundless desire of man to survive and thrive … and to adapt.

The Greenies think in terms of limits, not adaptation. To them, our future is limited, our ability to deal with change is limited, our ability to plan is limited, our intelligence is limited. Take for example the projection of a population of 9 million. China, India and Africa are responsible for most of the population growth and China and India have, through methods I hardly condone, gotten a handle on theirs. No limits to to human ability to learn and adapt.

Dreary Dr. Kate continues:

Current levels of consumption in industrialised societies are too high – as the three planet earth analysis clearly shows. This presents a major problem for current economic thinking, which is premised on growth, and which requires us all to keep consuming more, not less. Clearly we can’t grow infinitely, and consume infinitely, on a finite planet.

In other words, poor people of the world, unite! … and give up all hope that your life will ever improve, because if the Greenies and Warmies succeed in dialing back Western creativity and growth, any hope the poor nations have for a better future is gone.

But that’s OK with Dr. Kate Rowles, because if poor people live better, it’s just more carbon to her.

h/t a long chain starting with What Bubba Knows, through Moonbattery and on …

A Resounding McCain Endorsement

John McCain my not be touting this “endorsement” on his Web site — after all, the headline is Why We Should Fear a McCain Presidency, and it is a scathing denouncement of his foreign policy. But given that it’s from the Moscow Times, it’s a reassurance that he might be the right man for the job.

A couple excerpts:

Driven in part by his intense commitment to the Iraq war, McCain has relied more on neoconservatives such as his close friend William Kristol, the Weekly Standard editor. His chief foreign policy adviser is Randy Scheunemann, another leading neoconservative and a founder of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. McCain shares their belief in what Kristol has called “national greatness conservatism.” In 1999, McCain declared: “The U.S. is the indispensable nation because we have proven to be the greatest force for good in human history. … We have every intention of continuing to use our primacy in world affairs for humanity’s benefit.” …

Reflecting the neoconservative program of spreading democracy by force, McCain declared in 2000: “I’d institute a policy that I call ‘rogue state rollback.’ I would arm, train, equip, both from without and from within, forces that would eventually overthrow the governments and install free and democratically elected governments.”

Oh, the horror!

Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Pick you’re media outlet; it’s all the same story. Here’s BBC:

Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has ordered his fighters off the streets of Basra and other cities in an effort to end clashes with security forces.

He said in a statement that his movement wanted the Iraqi people to stop the bloodshed and maintain the nation’s independence and stability.

I chose BBC because I was listening to it while driving home one day last week, as the fighting in Basra was just rolling out. What better source, eh?, since the Brit withdrawal from Basra had motivated Moqtada Sadr to start fighting again.

So BBC had its Basra reporter and some foreign affairs reporter from a British paper … the Telegraph, I think … on, talking about how this was going to be a tough fight, how strong Sadr is, how not-ready the Iraqi Army is, blah, blah, blah.

Well, I read the story about Sadr giving up in less than a week from top to bottom, and nowhere did I see an admission that they got it wrong. Again.

Another Crazy AG (Thank God!)

The Left loves to hate Bush AGs, and Michael Mukasey is no exception, maybe because he says stuff like this (in NanPo’s hometown, yet!):

“Forget the liability [phone companies face]. We face the prospect of disclosure in open court of what they did, which is to say the means and the methods by which we collect foreign intelligence against foreign targets.”

Whether it’s demanding the closure of Gitmo so the worst terrorists in the world can be tried in our court system, or denying phone companies protection so that our technologies are laid open, the Lefties are intent on using our courts to put America at the greatest disadvantage possible in the war on terror.

Faced with enemies without and enemies within, Bush has no choice but to have a tough, no-nonsense AG. And recognizing that, the Left has no choice but to attack every AG Bush appoints.


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March 29th 2008

The State Of The Dem Disunion

Not exactly sure what my friend Jim is doing reading Kos, but happily he found something really funny while perusing the hard left:

“I’ve been thinking.”
“Really? What about?”
“I’ve decided your candidate’s better than mine.”
“Yeah. I’ve been reading diaries and stuff. Your candidate’s better than mine.”
“That’s weird, because lately I’ve been leaning toward your candidate.”
“Really? How can you say that? Yours is clearly better.”
“Not after the stuff I’ve read. You’d have to be crazy to support that keg of dynamite.”
“But yours can beat McCain in November.”
“No, yours has a much better chance.”
“That’s bullcrap. Yours isn’t imploding.”
“Well, yours isn’t getting hammered by the press.”
“What??? Have you been living in a hole in the ground?”
“No, but I’d say you have.”
“Look, I don’t want to fight about this. We’re both Democrats and we both want to beat the Republicans, right?”
“Right. But if you’re supporting the candidate that I’m running away from, we’re gonna get clobbered in November.”
“You really are f***ed up, you know that?”
“I’m not the one flushing our chances down the crapper, douchebag!”
“Party wrecker!”
“I’m writing a diary!”
“Me too!”


Meanwhile, McCain gets to campaign with his former opponent, making happy-face and raising bucks.

Go Hillary, fight Obama!

Go Obama, fight Hillary!

Photo courtesy of the goofy but fun McCainBloggette blog.


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March 29th 2008

Liberals: Try And Love (Bush) Again?

Patrick farmed some very fine paragraphs yesterday in a post called Avian Chorus, an essay on the unspoken liberal emotion: missing George Bush.

Hard to wrap your mind around that? Yeah … then mix in themes from The Eagles and five stages of grief popularized by psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, and you’ve got an essay that’s definitely not Wasted Time. Excerpt:

You know I’ve always been a dreamer (spent my life running ‘round), and it’s so hard to change—can’t seem to settle down. But the dreams I’ve seen lately keep turning out the same, perhaps because even Barack Obama’s optimism depends entirely on George W. Bush.

Think about “Change you can believe in.” If that slogan works at all, it works only through implied contrast with the kind of change you can’t believe in even after it happens. The once and future progressive conceit about being part of a “reality-based community” is officially on vacation (or standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona), because the election year directive is to embrace only what you choose to believe, while ignoring the rest of the real as much as possible. Without the magnifying glass of George W. Bush to focus his sunshine, Obama would simply revert to form as a glib politician of thin experience and questionable judgment. Accordingly, his campaign is little more than a valentine to denial, which of course is stage one in how people grieve.

Patrick’s no New Kid in Town, so you can Try and Love Try Again to get your thoughts so nicely organized and well written, but in The Long Run, I Can’t Tell You Why, but the Paragraph Farmer’s writing gives you that Peaceful Easy Feeling, so you can just Take It Easy and enjoy some fine writing.


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March 29th 2008

Who Are You Embedded With

This AFP photo ran with a BBC story on the fighting in Basra today.

Apparently, AFP has a photographer embedded with the Moqtada Sadr’s Mehdi Army — which BBC refers to as “powerful,” although no such qualifiers appeared when the report covered the Iraqi army forces in Basra. There’s one alternative to an embedded photographer: AFP could have gotten the photo from Sadr’s PR staff. Such is the nature of modern warfare.

In either case, the photo is evidence of a high degree of communication and trust between the news service of a NATO nation and a militia that is trying to throw Iraq into chaos. This up-close coverage of both sides of the battle qualifies as objective journalism, but I’ve never thought objectivity to be a sufficient standard for journalism because it is the standard of relativism.

If you cover both sides the same and you are objective by modern standards, but if you tell the truth about both sides, you are not, because truth requires subjective thought — weighing, evaluating, choosing sides. So the media cover the staged PR events of the Mehdi Army, Hezbollah and Hamas and run their news releases in the name of objectivity, and consider their job well done. But the public is not served.

It’s similar with weighting. A reporter can top-load a story with the quotes and details from one side, then give a few inches or seconds at the bottom of the story to present a quote from the other side, and get a thumbs up from the editor/producer for having presented an objective view. Again, the public is not served.

If the photo above were taken by an AFP photographer, he could have slammed the sniper with his camera bag and saved a good guy, but in the name of objectivity, he let the trigger be squeezed and the round be fired … and possibly allowed an Iraqi Army or British soldier to be killed.

Ah, objectivity!


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March 28th 2008

Answering Yasmine

Some post I put up recently offended a young convert to Islam, Yasmine, who wrote me this:

I don’t know if You ever get this but I hope that one day you educate yourself and I really mean to educate yourself because I haver read all of your posts and some are decent while your arrogance and ignorance is apparent in your opinon and writing style. I am a muslim convert and I invite you to my blog, come a check if I am oppressed and if my faith is so evil.

I ignored her unfounded judgment of me and responded that I would pray for her salvation and:

I’m sorry you made such a tragic mistake by converting to Islam. I read your blog and you seem to be a thoughtful, but emotional, young person and I’m afraid your emotions led you to a religion that is fine on one level but also has a very dark side (jihad, terror, suppression of women, and a God that doesn’t care enough about you to give you a clear path to heaven — outside of jihad).

My comments generated a torrential response from her, which I will fisk herewith:

I am emotional? On the contrary, I am strong and strive for human excellence. so to improve myself in every aspect is very important to me.

I based that statement on her own writings, a blog post about having children that was awash in emotions.

Wish you were a little more open minded and dared to think outside the box for once. I have not done a mistake, I have made the best thing I could ever do in my life and that was to convert to Islam…

I wonder why she thinks that. Christianity offers an excellent moral structure and a clear path to salvation. Islam clearly has some great rules for morality and social structure.

But it also has some terrible ones that the rest of the world’s religions have done very well without. As for salvation, in Christianity it’s simple; it is based on faith, not works. But in Islam, it’s works:

“Then those whose scales are heavy, they are successful. And those whose scales are light are those who lose their souls…”

Further, Islam promises

“… a Paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth, which awaits the God-conscious, who spend for charity in time of plenty and in time of hardship, and restrain their anger, and pardon their fellow men, for God loves those who do good.”

Whereas Jesus told us that faith alone will open the doors to heaven, Allah makes no such promise, and the Muslim must always wonder whether he’s been God-conscious enough, giving enough, forgiving enough to achieve Paradise, living in doubt … unless, of course, he takes the Jihad route. More on that in a bit.

I was not just a christian before but a practicing christian. who has read and studied the bible extensively. Who had moralities and respect for all humans beings. Do you?

I would hope I pass this test. I’ve read the Bible every day for over 12 years … well, I missed a handful when the alarm didn’t go off … but I’ve read it front to back twice and most of its books three or four times. I’ve been to Bible studies, have been attending the same men’s group for five or so years, have heard a ton of good preachers in church and on the radio. Not that any of that matters at all, because it’s the Spirit that brings the experience alive — something Yasmine should understand:

Say, the Holy Spirit has brought the Revelation from thy Lord in Truth, in order to strengthen those who believe, and as a Guide and Glad Tidings to Muslims. (Quran, 16:102)

Before I became a Christian I was in turns a “practicing” but not reborn Christian, a student of Buddhism, Tantric yoga and various mystical doo-dahs taught by a bunch of phony poobahs. For a time I even delved into the mystical Islamic Sufi sect, so I’ve been around the block a bit, even knocking on Allah’s door.

The culmination is that I have “moralities” and respect for most human beings, but certainly not all. I do not, and never will, respect human beings who recruit terrorists, or human beings who blow themselves up on crowded streets, or human beings who fly airplanes full of innocents into buildings full of innocents.

Perhaps I should double my Bible-reading time …. Yasmine goes on,

I would not sit there and proclaim to be righteous person when you slander a faith you know nothing about. you are only a media slave. Even I a twently year old knows better to make judgments by media because apparently you are not Muslim. I dare you to learn about it and you’ll see what I mean. Will you? I don’t know. there are people that will be forever be blind no matter what you tell them.

Readers of C-SM should get a pretty good chuckle out of the “media slave” call-out. Yasmine has every right to ask me to study her religion, but until her religion drags itself out of its bloody past and reforms, I have the right to say, “Why waste the time, especially when I’ve got a perfectly great religion of my own?”

I would suggest to start fromt the bible because that is how I came without being aware I desired Islam. Alhamdulilah (Thank God). I did not even know about Islam then.

This is a very curious girl who has lived through an experience I cannot understand. I cannot understand how a book so full of love and sound teaching could lead someone to a religion that has comported itself so badly ever since Mohammed started spreading his revelations by both the sword and the book.

if you are such a good pious chrsitian (practicing) I suggest for you to refer to me where it explains the trinity and where Jesus proclaims to be God. He called himself a messenger and I will show you all the proofs you need to but not to convert you but to verify your bigoted mindset. inshallah (if God wills).

Bigoted mindset? Pot calling kettle black?

But I’m glad Yasmine asked. There are so many places in the Bible where the Trinity is addressed, and even more that proclaim Jesus to be God — not a mere messenger like Mohammed. Yasmine must have missed these verses; I hope she will read and understand them because they are wonderful:

Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him.

By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe His commandments.

For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world — our faith.

Who is the one who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

This is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ; not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. It is the Spirit who Testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.

For there are three that testify:

the Spirit and the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement. [Trinity]

If we receive the testimony of men, the testimony of God is greater, for the testimony of God is this, that He has testified concerning his Son.

The one who believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself; the one who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed in the testimony that God has given concerning His Son.

And the testimony is this, that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.

He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not walk in the life. (1 John 5: 1-12)

And these, some of the most beautiful words ever written:

In the beginning was the Word (Spirit), and the Word was with God, and the Word Was God.

He (Jesus) was in the beginning with God. (The Trinity)

All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.

In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men.

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkeness did not comprehend it. …

And the Word (spirit) became flesh (Jesus), and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1-5, 14)

I will freely admit that I don’t understand the Trinity, but I am in awe of it and looking forward to the day when I will understand it — a day not on this plane.

But I anticipate Yasmine would retort that I’m quoting John, not Jesus. Then let’s see what Jesus himself has to say about it:

So the Jewish leaders began harassing Jesus for breaking the Sabbath rules.

But Jesus replied, “My Father never stops working, so why should I?”

So the Jewish leaders tried all the more to kill him. In addition to disobeying the Sabbath rules, he had spoken of God as his Father, thereby making himself equal with God.

Jesus replied, “I assure you, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and tells him everything he is doing, and the Son will do far greater things than healing this man. You will be astonished at what he does.

He will even raise from the dead anyone he wants to, just as the Father does. And the Father leaves all judgment to his Son, so that everyone will honor the Son, just as they honor the Father. But if you refuse to honor the Son, then you are certainly not honoring the Father who sent him. (John 5:16-23)

Unfortunately, we must break our reverie and return to a subject as awful as the Trinity is awesome: Jihad.

Jihad? Means struggle not holy war although it can also be reffered to that just like the crusades and missionariy tactics used by some chrsitians. that take advantage of poor countries to only benefit from there desparity to convert them.

The Crusades were a thousand years ago and were the response to Islam’s overthrow of the Holy Land. And missionary tactics like those of Jihadists? Show me one. Missionaries convert by the Word and the Spirit, not the sword and C-4. My Christian missionary friends dedicate their lives not just to bring them to Christ; they also dedicate their lives to lifting up the poor, bringing better medical care, education and opportunity to the people they work to bring to Christ.

The phrase “take advantage of poor countries to only benefit from there [sic] desparity [sic] to convert them” makes me wonder if Yasmine is only “a media college prof slave.” It sounds like the sort of twisted view of the world that a left-leaning Islamic studies prof might say to a young gal as open to new ideas as I was when I was in my 20s, my dabbling years. (But how do we explain her horrific spelling and punctuation?)

I’ve heard Yasmine’s “jihad means struggle not holy war” thing so many times I suppose the Muslims think if they say it often enough, we’ll believe it. The problem is the word “not.” To be accurate, Yasmine needs to say “jihad means struggle and holy war.” Maybe not to her, but to many, many Muslims including one you may have heard of, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi:

Zarqawi’s exposition of Islamic theology as he sees it is most revealing. “There is no doubt,” he says, “that Allah commanded us to strike the Kuffar (unbelievers), kill them, and fight them by all means necessary to achieve the goal. The servants of Allah who perform Jihad to elevate the word (laws) of Allah, are permitted to use any and all means necessary to strike the active unbeliever combatants for the purpose of killing them, snatch their souls from their body, cleanse the earth from their abomination, and lift their trial and persecution of the servants of Allah. The goal must be pursued even if the means to accomplish it affect both the intended active fighters and unintended passive ones such as women, children and any other passive category specified by our jurisprudence.” (source)

Paradise is guaranteed to those who “slay and are slain” for Allah: “Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth” (Qur’an 9:111). Christianity offers no such route to heaven.

you can go ahead and assume I came to Islam due to my emotions but I don’t care what an hateful prejudiced unpious not God fearing Man’s evaluations.

Salam (peace), Yasmine

How do you get to peace if before you meet someone, before you know anything about them, you leap to a conclusion that they are “hateful prejudiced not God fearing?”

I don’t believe I have ever said anything hateful in C-SM or elsewhere about run-of-the-mill Muslims who don’t go around beheading journalists, blowing up buses filled with Israeli school children … or for that matter, calling for the annihilation of all Jews. I have always been careful to differentiate between “Muslims” and “Islamists.” Yet here I am hateful and prejudiced.

I have never said anything in C-SM that would indicate that I am not pious, but because I choose (thank God!) to be pious to God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus instead of Allah and Mohammed, I’m just an infidel to be loathed.

Peace, Yasmine.


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