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April 30th 2007

Is She A Nut Or A Key?

Is Sarah Dacre the bee woman?

No, not because of the rig she’s wearing, but because of something I wrote about a couple weeks ago: Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a troubling phenomenon that occurs when all a hive’s’ worker bees disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers.

One — and only one — study conducted by Dr. Jochen Kuhn at Landau University found that bees refuse to return to their hives when mobile phones are placed nearby. It’s not a done deal by any means:

Even its author, Dr Jochen Kuhn, is cautious about overstating the finding, saying it “could” provide a “hint” of a possible cause.

Enter Sarah Dacre, self-diagnosed with “electrical sensitivity.” Let’s pick it up from The Daily Mail:

Sarah, 51, is one of a growing band of people who claim to be experiencing extreme – and incapacitating – sensitivity to electrical appliances, as well as to certain frequencies of electromagnetic waves.

“Wi-Fi, or wireless broadband networks, seem to be the worst thing,” she says.

“Closely followed by mobile phones – particularly if they’re being used in an enclosed space – the base stations of cordless telephones and mobile phone masts.

“I have to restrict the amount of time I spend on the computer or watching television, and make sure I don’t have too many household appliances on at once, because that sets me off as well.”

This may sound bizarre, but there is no doubt that Sarah’s symptoms are real.

To date, they include hair loss, sickness, high blood-pressure, digestive and memory problems, severe headaches and dizziness.

They strike with such ferocity that, since diagnosing herself as “electrically sensitive” in May 2005, she has been marooned at home. (hat-tip Jim)

There are at least two possible conclusions from this: that Sarah Dacre is a certifiable loon in the advanced stages of an intense hypochondriac hallucination, or she has something wrong with her that might be the same thing that’s wrong with the bees.

I tend to think its the former because the world has been awash with electrical radiation of all sorts since its creation, because there’s no logical reason why a sensitivity would wait until she’s 51 years old to kick in, and because all the other critters — human and otherwise — don’t suffer from electrical sensitivity.

I’d pass the whole thing off as one more unfortunate crazy person afraid of technology if it weren’t for the bees. If the honeybees stop going back to their hives, we’re toast. Einstein said we’d have three years or so before dying off if there were no honeybees around to pollinate crops, and unless there’s a genetic solution of some sort in the offing, we’d best find out why some bees are wandering off.

Maybe Dacre’s not a nutcase. Maybe we can learn something about a bee’s brain from figuring out if she’s really suffering from electrical sensitivity, and if so, why.

I hope someone smarter than me gets buzzing on this.


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April 30th 2007

Is Maliki Firing Top Enforcers?

The most viewed article in the NYT today is not one supporters of victory in Iraq want to read:

BAGHDAD, April 29 — A department of the Iraqi prime minister’s office is playing a leading role in the arrest and removal of senior Iraqi army and national police officers, some of whom had apparently worked too aggressively to combat violent Shiite militias, according to U.S. military officials in Baghdad.

Since March 1, at least 16 army and national police commanders have been fired, detained or pressured to resign; at least nine of them are Sunnis, according to U.S. military documents shown to The Washington Post.

Although some of the officers appear to have been fired for legitimate reasons, such as poor performance or corruption, several were considered to be among the better Iraqi officers in the field. The dismissals have angered U.S. and Iraqi leaders who say the Shiite-led government is sabotaging the military to achieve sectarian goals.

“Their only crimes or offenses were they were successful” against the Mahdi Army, a powerful Shiite militia, said Brig. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, commanding general of the Iraq Assistance Group, which works with Iraqi security forces. “I’m tired of seeing good Iraqi officers having to look over their shoulders when they’re trying to do the right thing.”

If you’re thinking that this sounds like AG AG II, i.e., another Gonzales and the federal prosecuters scandal in a teacup, you’re not alone. It was my first impression, too.

But AG AG was never accused of sectarianism.

According to some in the U.S. military, including Col. Ehrich Rose, chief of the Military Transition Team with the 4th Iraqi Army Division, sectarianism still rules the Iraqi military.

The Iraqi army, as far as capability goes, I’d stack them up against just about any Latin American army I’ve dealt with,” he said. “However, the politicization of their officer corps is the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Iraq needs to be an equal opportunity enforcer. Bad guys of all sects need to be taken out, and if it takes Sunni officers to take out the Mahdis and Shi’ite officers to take out al Qaeda, then so be it. It’s unfortunate that the Iraqi Army isn’t a secular bunch that puts Iraq ahead of intra-Islamic differences, but that’s not yet the case.

However, if it works to have Sunnis in charge of Shi’ite bad guys and vice versa, it works, and Maliki should let it work. He says he is:

Sadiq al-Rikabi, a political adviser to Maliki, said the first two months of the Baghdad security plan show that Maliki “is not working on any agenda but the national agenda.”

“The Baghdad security plan is working on a military and professional basis without any regard for any sect or ethnic group or any political factors,” he said.

True, all things are upside down in Baghdad since Bush approved new rules of engagement and started sending more troops. Maliki may have made an old-time error in new times, carrying out firings that made sence then, but are not being tolerated under the new conditions.

He doesn’t have too many more chances to make mistakes.


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April 30th 2007

Big Money Chasing The Top Dems

Two articles ran today with different takes on the same theme:

  • WSJ reports that corporations are shifting their donations in a big way from the GOP to Dems. Pelosi and her three top House cohorts raised $2.24 million in the first quarter of 2007, more than three times as much as the $697,694 they raised in the same quarter last year.

    House and Senate committee chairs are experiencing similar, or even better, surges: Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel of New York: $761,000 in the first quarter of 2007 from $57,000 two years earlier; Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell, $376,000, up from $112,000; Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, $217,000, up from $39,000; and House Armed Services Chairman Ike Skelton, $227,000, up from $57,000.

  • The NY Sun reports that Hillary and Obama are sucking money out of the pockets of former Bush supporters, with each attracting about 150 former Bush supporters, including the CEO of Yahoo! (their stupid exclaimation point, not mine). One such switcher is investment banker John Canning, who gave over $100,000 to Bush in 2000. Says the Sun:

    Mr. Canning, whose defection to Mr. Obama was reported by Bloomberg News, said he was a big fan of Mr. Bush in 2000. However, he said he later fell out with the president and other Republicans over a dispute involving a brain-injured Florida woman, Terry Schiavo, as well as subjects like global warming, stem cell research and diplomatic relations with Iran and Syria. “A lot of these issues didn’t exist when Bush first ran,” the banker said. “How do you support a guy when he shows the door to everything you believe in?”

How are you going to argue with that? Canning was obviously looking for a liberal GOP candidate and got instead a man who is what he said he was on social issues and on dealing with terror-sponsoring states.

It’s odd that companies like Allstate and Aflac will give to Barney Frank because he intends to hold hearings that will lead to new regulations on insurers. Or that oil producers will ratchet up giving to John Dingell, who’s seen as the point man for global warming regulation in Congress.

They will tell you that all they expect is time in return for their contributions, and that face time is more critical to them when Dems are in power than when the GOP is in power.

But what’s to become of this money? Will it sit in bank accounts, humbling accruing interest? No way! It will be spent to further the Dem agenda of higher taxes, more regulation and a more favorable field for trial lawyers.

Is the face time really worth all that? Methinks not. Even those who no longer like Bush should be writing checks to the GOP election committees.


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April 29th 2007


Click the photo for a larger image. If you’re still having trouble reading the caption, it is:

American Flag = $25
Gasoline= $2
Cigarette Lighter = $2.50
Catching yourself on fire because you are a terrorist asshole: PRICELESS

hat-tip: Wake Up America


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April 29th 2007

Mass Transit, Mass Stupidity

One of my favorite columnists is a free market guy who sees over-regulation all around him and gives Greenie rhetoric no quarter. His name is Patrick Bedard, and if you aren’t familiar with him, it’s becuase you’re not a subscriber to Car and Driver.

His newest column, which isn’t available on-line, assaults U.S. transportation policy, which shuns the roads we all love, and squanders big money on mass transit — a mode of transportation Bedard is quite familiar with from having lived in New York, where everyone knew how to do the subway or bus or taxi calculation.

I can still do “the calculation,” and it tells me that once you leave Manhattan and maybe Boston and Washington, D.C., “light rail” is a fraud on the taxpayers. Here’s why. Everyone is more than four blocks from the train stops, and so are their destinations If you have to drive to the train, well, you might just as well keep driving. Even the worst traffic beats having some pierced-tongue gangbanger eyeing you as you wait on a lonely platform.

Here’s some numbers Bedard provided; do your own calculation:

  • Number of new lane-miles needed to ease projected congestion: 104,000
  • Projected cost: $533 billion over 25 years, or $21 billion a year
  • Earmarks in 2005 spending bills: $50 billion
  • Money needed to relieve LA traffic congestion: $66.7 billion
  • Long-range funding for LA mass transit: $66.9 billion
  • Percent of LA population using mass transit to commute: 4.8
  • Estimated cost of congestion per year in fuel, pollution and lost time: $200 million annually
  • And once again, the cost of building the lane-miles we need to relieve congestion: $21 million annually

Planners may think we all ought to live in dense, dirty, crime-ridden cities and ride mass transit to near-by jobs, but as long as this is a free country, the people won’t do what the planners think they should do.

By the millions of mortgages, they’re opting for the suburbs and a commute by car. Are the planners and bureaucrats admitting that reality? Nope. Do Americans care? Other than about the squandered money, nope.


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April 29th 2007

To Fight Again Tomorrow

Turn back the clock to the 1940s. Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini have managed to defeat the Allies and conquer the world.

The Articles of Surrender are before the Congress and the forced acceptance of this harsh reality settles over the Capitol like a burial shroud. Muted, broken, despairing, the Senators and Representatives realize the crushing reality of defeat.

Contrast that to the Dem’s effort to seal our defeat in Iraq, as reported in The Hill on March 23.

Many House Democrats stayed on the floor, reveling in their victory. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey and Representative John Murtha hugged each other while a smiling [majority leader Steny] Hoyer shook every hand he could find. . . . [majority whip James] Clyburn joked with members as [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi kissed and hugged her colleagues.

It was a reprehensible show by a party that has decided to put its welfare in 2008 ahead of the long-term welfare of the nation; to spare the troops some hardship today, assuring a longer, nastier war ahead.

The big question: As Reid and Schumer gleefully count the votes the Dems will get for voting for defeat, are they disgusting America or speaking to America?

hat-tip Jeff Jacoby via RCP


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April 29th 2007

Darfur: The Near-Perfect Leftist Cause

At the bottom of Mark Steyn’s column today was this announcement he found somewhere in his Internet trolling:

“On Sunday, April 29, Salt Lake Saves Darfur invites the greater Salt Lake community of compassion to join with us as we honor the fallen and suffering Darfuris in a day of films, discussion and dance with a Sudanese dance troupe.”

Here’s a bit more, from a Deseret News op/ed by a SLSD (Save LSD? No, Salt Lake Saves Darfur.):

Salt Lake Saves Darfur, the local organization of the international Save Darfur Coalition, in observance of the Global Days for Darfur, April 21-29, is sponsoring a series of events to bring the plight of these suffering people to the vision and the hearts of the great people of Salt Lake and Utah. On Saturday, we will be sponsoring, in partnership with the Westminster College chapter of STAND, a lecture by noted Africa and Sudan expert John Prendergast titled “Stopping the Genocide in Darfur.” This lecture, which is free and open to the public, will be held at 7 p.m. in the Gore Auditorium on Westminster College’s beautiful campus in Salt Lake, and will also be broadcast for those unable to attend.

On Sunday, April 29, Salt Lake Saves Darfur invites the greater Salt Lake community of compassion to join with us as we honor the fallen and suffering Darfuris in a day of films, discussion and dance with a Sudanese dance troupe, Kakwa Union USA, at Salt Lake’s magnificent Main Library and Plaza, from 1-5 p.m. This event is also free and open to all. We will discuss ways to get our government to insist on the immediate placement of adequate United Nations peacekeepers to “stop the killing now,” get our government to pay its fair share of the costs for this international peacekeeping effort and insist that our government and institutions divest themselves of any entity deriving profit from the inhumane Al-Bashir regime and the slaughter of the innocent people of Darfur.

I’m sure these people are well-intentioned, but their leftist approach is a tragicomedy. Darfur’s tragedy; our comedy. They ‘re going to teach and appreciate and talk and talk and talk. Yet for all of this, they are utterly without a clue. They’re only true action is buried in another of their endless discusions:

We will discuss ways to get our government to insist on the immediate placement of adequate United Nations peacekeepers to “stop the killing now,” [and] get our government to pay its fair share of the costs for this international peacekeeping effort …

Do these people not read the news? Everyone wants U.N. peacekeepers in Dafur, including “our government” … except for one bunch: the Islamists in Khartoum, who block every effort to stop the killing. The Save Dafur group should be saying to stop relying on the U.N., which already has added Dafur to Rwanda on its list of African genocides it did not stop, but they love the idea of the U.N. so much they can’t reject the reality.

And I can’t for the life of me understand why the Save Dafur crowd wants us to reduce the amount of our contribution to the U.N. efforts, but there it is: “… get our government to pay its fair share of the costs …”

Over at, the looniest mothership since the Heaven’s Gate cult suited up for the coming of the Comet Hale-Bopp. Here’s their call to action:

  • Push for the deployment of a strong UN peacekeeping force.
  • Increase humanitarian aid and ensure access for aid delivery.
  • Establish a no-fly zone.
  • With the exception of the no-fly zone, which will do nothing to stop the killers who arrive by Toyota pickup and camel, they have absolutely nothing new to offer, and no way of offering it, other than the U.N. Humanitarian aid is good, great actually, but its effect will be temporary if people continue dying. It won’t make much difference if their stomachs are full or empty when the Janjaweed arrive.

    All this points to one conclusion: The Save Dafur crowd should be pushing for military action by the U.S. in Dafur. They know it’s the only think that will save the Christians — funny, they never mention this is a Muslim-run genocide of Christians — is an invasion to take out Umar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir and his thugs in Khartoum, as we took out Saddam Hussein and his thugs in Baghdad.

    But they can’t bring themselves to call for such an action because recognizing the need for Iraq, and thus aligning with Bush, is more evil to them than the genocide in Sudan.

    While Dafur is a universal cause, the approach has become a near-perfect leftist cause, right up there with global warming. There’s no risk to them that they’ll actually have to do anything beyond the symbolic. There will be no draft to stop either crisis, and most important, it appears that there will be no solution to either any time soon.

    That means they can go on watching Sudanese dance troops, discussing options, and most important of all, feeling holier than the GOP, for the indefinite future.

    Steyn said what this all reminds him of, and he’s absolutely right on. I remember seeing the bumper sticker 40 years ago, and the noble struggle (no sacrifice required) goes on today:

    It’s a shame Tibet is under China’s’ thumb, and it’s an abomination that al-Bashir remains free to kill Christians in Dafur. But neither country is the least bit strategic so they suffer on, far outside the spotlight, while the world, conservative and liberal alike, are appalled … and unable to muster the will to take the fight to Khartoum.

    p.s.: One thing I like very much on the Save Dafur Web site is its call for divesture of investments in companies that do business in Sudan. I hope they will reciprocate, and share my enthusiasm for Divest Terror, which does the same for all terror-supporting states.


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    April 28th 2007

    Bush Sets Up Dems For Losing Energy Debate

    When the Dems say we’ve got to cut our reliance on foreign oil, they’re thinking of course of draconian laws to force changes we don’t want — like mass transit — down our throats. President Bush is teeing up another approach that should lead to an interesting debate.

    The Interior Department will announce a proposal Monday to allow oil and gas drilling in federal waters near Virginia that are currently off-limits and permit new exploration in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, according to people who have seen or been told about drafts of the plan.

    The department issued a news release yesterday that was lacking details but said that it had finished a five-year plan that will include a “major proposal for expanded oil and natural gas development on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.” Department officials declined to describe the plan.

    Congress would still have to agree to open areas currently off-limits before any drilling could take place off Virginia’s coast.

    Greenies, who think the internal combustion engine — not al Qaeda — is the biggest threat to America, were lining up to rant about the proposal, the most interesting concern coming from Richard Ayers of Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper, who told WaPo he’s worried that drilling might cause boomtowns.

    Horrors! People would be able to work! Improve themselves! Contribute to society! What are the Bushies thinking?!

    There is no place suitable for oil drilling in the Greenies eyes. We’re working on residential development projects on land that has been oil fields for 100 years, and the Greenies continuously refer to it as “pristine.” If an oil field is too “pristine” to be developed, then where can we develop oil?

    The answer, of course, is that Greenies want no more oil produced. They want no more jobs, no more commerce, no more growth. They feel America just can’t stand any more capitalism.

    Never mind that only about 6% of America has anything built on it.

    The timing of Interior’s proposal is perfect. The matter should come up for debate this summer, just as gasoline makes its annual price jump. The Dems will puff up about the risks — ignoring the fine record turned in by offshore operations in the Gulf — and basically demand that we keep shipping our Middle East-bought oil half way around the world in tankers instead of simply dipping the straw a few miles off the coast.


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    April 28th 2007

    Mexico, China And Meth

    A $200 million — $200 million! – drug bust in Mexico of a naturalized Mexican citizen from China who’s been importing meth-making compounds from China and selling the finished product to the U.S. — what’s going on here?

    It’s “Super-Mex Meth Labs,” and you can read about it here.

    Troubling stuff.


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    April 28th 2007

    Burying The Good News On Iraq

    Why does Harry Reid think we’re losing the war in Iraq? Well, we all know it’s because he’s a slave to polls, but one also could present a compelling argument that it’s simply because he reads the MSM.

    Take for example this story from AP that contains some very encouraging news about a major win by our side that further implicates Iran in the attacks. Let’s get to that, shall we?

    First, there’s the headline: Explosion near shrine in Iraq kills 55. So the story’s about the endless violence Reid pegs as evidence of the war being lost — can there really be any good news? Maybe the lead is better.

    BAGHDAD – A parked car exploded Saturday near one of Shiite Islam’s holiest shrines in the city of Karbala as people were headed to the area for evening prayers, killing 55 people and wounding dozens, officials said.

    Nope. Paragraph 2? Nope. More on the bomb.

    Paragraph 3? No, it’s about another bomb that exploded in the same area a while back.

    Paragraph 4? Nope, more on the bomb.

    Paragraphs 5 or 6? Big nope. In fact, they feed Reid’s belief that all of Iraq is consumed by ugly, anti-government sectarian strife:

    An angry crowd gathered after the explosion, many of them searching frantically for missing relatives. Some threw stones at the police and at the office of the provincial governor, accusing them of failing to protect the people.

    Police fired weapons in the air to disperse the crowds.

    Paragraphs 7 come 11? Nope; eyewitness statements and TV images — indications that the reporters were busy scribing away in front of TV sets in the Green Zone.

    Paragraph 12? Nope. Another bomb outside a police chief’s house that killed some security personnel.

    Lucky paragraph 13? Yes! Finally, AP gets around to telling us something good and significant as opposed to the bad news of minor real significance, unless you live in Baghdad:

    Elsewhere, U.S. forces detained 17 suspected insurgents in raids targeting al-Qaida in Iraq on Saturday, the military said, a day after the Pentagon announced the capture of one of the terror network’s most senior and experienced operatives.

    “We’re achieving a deliberate, systematic disruption in the al-Qaida in Iraq network,” Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, a U.S. military spokesman, said in a statement.

    U.S. and Iraqi officials in Baghdad declined to comment about Abdul Hadi al-Iraqi, 46, who was captured last fall on his way to Iraq, where he may have been sent by top terror leaders in Pakistan to take a senior position in al-Qaida in Iraq, officials said Friday in Washington.

    The insurgent group has claimed responsibility for some of the deadliest attacks in Iraq, including the bombing last year of a revered Shiite mosque in Samarra, which touched off a cycle of sectarian killings.

    After being secretly held by the CIA for months, al-Iraqi — who was born in the northern city of Mosul and once served in Iraq’s military — has been shipped to the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military prison for terror suspects, the Pentagon said.

    Marines working off of information from a captured insurgent found a truck loaded with explosives early Friday near Fallujah, the military said. After the area was evacuated, American fighter jets destroyed the truck, the military said.

    In Mahmoudiya, about 20 miles south of Baghdad, U.S. and Iraqi forces detained eight suspected insurgents and confiscated three caches of weapons during a raid on an apartment complex on April 22, including mortars, rockets and ammunition. The weapons appeared to be new and “were stamped with recent dates and Iranian markings,” the military said.

    The United States has frequently accused Iran of allowing insurgents to enter this country carrying weapons such as deadline roadside bombs used to attack U.S. and Iraqi convoys.

    Wow. We caught 25 suspected insurgents in two raids before they could kill who knows how many troops, police and innocents. We did it because of improved intelligence (which, by the way, we won’t be able to do if redeployed “over the horizon”), we blew up a truck bomb before it could do any damage, and we siezed dangerous weapons that implicate Iran further in the war — showing the Dems don’t just want to surrender to the Iraq insurgents; they want to surrender to Iran as well.

    Oh wait, there’s more:

    Separately, Denmark also announced it is sending special forces to southern Iraq in an effort to stop stepped-up attacks against Danish and British soldiers in the Shiite-dominated area near the southern city of Basra.

    Danish officials said the troops were on a temporary mission that would not affect the country’s plans to withdraw its contingent by August and replace it with a smaller helicopter unit.

    “I can confirm that the Iraqis, Danes and British are putting a great effort into finding the elements that are shooting at Danish and British soldiers day and night,” Defense Minister Soeren Gade told Danish broadcaster TV2.

    You mean there’s actually a coalition of some sort fighting this war? Really?!

    The MSM will tell you this is an objective story, with 12 paragraphs (actually 13; it ends on a sour note) about insurgent victories and 11 paragraphs on insurgent defeats.

    Now I know Harry Reid is pandering and cowardly enough to buy that excuse … but is anyone else? Not Capt. Ed, who sums it all up nicely:

    This [violence] is what happens when abandoning an area with a weak security apparatus in place. Now that the Brits and Danes have given the people of Basra a drop-dead date for their withdrawal, they have set in motion a fight for power that will only amplify as the withdrawal date approaches. Instead of throwing in with the central government, the flight of the Coalition has convinced Iraqis in that area that they have to find the strongest warlord for protection.

    We can expect this across the country if the US withdraws precipitately from Iraq. A pullout will embolden the violent and frighten the law-abiding, and the end result will be a completely failed state. Regardless of whether one supported the invasion or not, it is obviously not in the American interest to leave behind a collapsed Iraq where the boldest and most vicious terrorists rise to power in fiefdoms small and large.


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