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Archive for January, 2005

January 31st 2005

Moyers: Heil Anti-Christianism!

I’m so upset I don’t know whether to “hat tip” or punch Hugh and Lileks for bringing it up and Instapundit for providing the link.

Bill Moyers column, “There is no tomorrow,” is the most dangerous distortion of Christianity I can imagine. It screams for the word “anti-Christianism” to be born so it can stand beside anti-Semitism in the pantheon of ugly and unjustifiable human belief systems. People will read Moyers and believe him, widening the gap of ignorance that keeps the Left from understanding the Morality Vote, and feeding the flames of hatred that will before too long lead to a “Secular Liberation Front” that bombs Christian churches and buildings.

Moyers feeds his anti-Christianism the same way the Nazis fed anti-Semitism: with ignorance. He has attached himself to an ignorant interpretation of Biblical prophesy rather than actually read the prophets.

These true believers subscribe to a fantastical theology concocted in the 19th century by a couple of immigrant preachers who took disparate passages from the Bible and wove them into a narrative that has captivated the imagination of millions of Americans.

One can argue with the theology of the Left Behind series that Moyers is addressing here (as I do), but you can’t argue with the fact that the storyline of the book was laid down by John on the island of Patmos before AD 100, not by a couple of 19th Century immigrant preachers who applied that theory, as thousands have done for 20 centuries, to the current world situation.

Radical Secularists like Moyers would rather be ignorant than right because they have such an aversion to Christianity that they simply cannot pick up the New Testament and treat it like a source book. They will run to an interpretration that fits his worldview, content in their ignorance, because they don’t have to actually hold the dreaded source book in their hands that way. Because of this aversion to the Bible, Moyers doesn’t even have to get the name of the book right:

And why not? There’s a constituency for it. A 2002 Time-CNN poll found that 59 percent of Americans believe that the prophecies found in the book of Revelations are going to come true.

Ignorance leads to multiple misinterpretations. In this case, ubergreenie Moyers flocks to the common conclusion that Christians believe that since the End Times are coming, there’s no need to protect the environment:

And you will come to understand why people under the spell of such potent prophecies cannot be expected, as Grist puts it, “to worry about the environment. Why care about the earth, when the droughts, floods, famine and pestilence brought by ecological collapse are signs of the apocalypse foretold in the Bible? Why care about global climate change when you and yours will be rescued in the rapture? And why care about converting from oil to solar when the same God who performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes can whip up a few billion barrels of light crude with a word?

I am no friend of Greenies and I am a believer in Biblical prophesy, but I don’t see myself in that description, and I don’t know any Christians who hold that view. Moyers couldn’t be expected to understand this because he hasn’t read the reference book; if he had, he’d see that Scripture makes two things abundantly clear: Our relationship to God’s creation is that of steward, not exploiter, and Christ will come as a thief in the night and no one — even Christ himself — knows the time.

More dangerously, he implies that the “fringe,” “delusional” thinking of “these people” drove the US to war in Iraq in order to speed the Second Coming. This is a line of thinking my Inside-the-Beltway Liberal mother would accept, driving her into greater anger at Bush and what he stands for: Conservative Christians.

What’s so unfortunate is that if Moyers and his anti-Christianist brothers bothered to try to understand what their “enemy” believes, they would understand the enemy is not an enemy. But that would get in the way of the hatred they fuel with their ignorance.

Hatred is a strong word, but it’s there, lying just beneath Moyers’ ink:

One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress.

How unfortunate that a man like Moyers seeks to become the David Duke of his own band of brownshirts. And how unfortunate that newspapers around the country run his hate-speech without apology.

(Note: Both Hugh and Lileks said they would be blogging on this Tuesday, so be sure to read their posts. Here’s the Lileks-Link)


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January 31st 2005

Thick-Headed Leftist Pundits

E.J. Dionne in the WashPost:

Thus a modest proposal: Bush’s critics should have no qualms about celebrating the outpouring in Iraq on behalf of democratic rule. Bush, in turn, should not pretend that the election means his policy has succeeded. This is exactly the right time for the administration to pay attention to its critics so that the joy of Sunday is not a one-night diversion.

The President of the United States:

The commitment to a free Iraq now goes forward. This historic election begins the process of drafting and ratifying a new constitution, which will be the basis of a fully democratic Iraqi government. Terrorists and insurgents will continue to wage their war against democracy, and we will support the Iraqi people in their fight against them. We will continue training Iraqi security forces so this rising democracy can eventually take responsibility for its own security.

There’s more distance to travel on the road to democracy. Yet Iraqis are proving they’re equal to the challenge. On behalf of the American people, I congratulate the people of Iraq on this great and historic achievement.

Do we really need left wing pundits to point out the obvious?


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January 31st 2005

Lefties Hate Iraq Vote

Once again, count on WSJ Opinion Journal Best of the Web to find, indeed, the best of the Web — as in this best example of Lefty insanity:

All the media keeps talking about is how happy the Iraqis are, how high turnout was, and how “freedom” has spread to Iraq. I had to turn off CNN because they kept focusing on the so-called “voters” and barely mentioned the resistance movements at all. Where are the freedom fighters today? Are their voices silenced because some American puppets cast a few ballots?

I can’t believe the Iraqis are buying into this “democracy” bull****. They have to know that the Americans don’t want them to have power, because they know that Bush is in this for the oil, and now that he finally has it he’s not going to let it go. This election is a charade. The fact is that the Iraqis have suffered during the past two years more than any people on earth at the hands of the American gestapo. Maybe they’re afraid and felt they had to vote. That’s the only way I can explain it to myself.

Emphasis added, but the stupidity was there all along. Read the entire pile of **** here.


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January 31st 2005

Eco-Terrorists Target Central California

Eight bombs have been found in construction sites in Lincoln and Auburn, California. Fortunately, these creeps haven’t mastered the art of explosives yet, since none of the bombs went off. Perhaps the next one will … better while they’re making it than after they plant it. From the Sacramento Bee:

FBI counterterrorism agents have been investigating since the Dec. 27 discovery of three unexploded bombs at a home site in Lincoln.

Construction workers found the bombs in the Catta Verdera development at Twelve Bridges, a golf-oriented, master-planned community in southeast Lincoln being built by JTS Communities.

Five unexploded bombs were found Jan. 12 in the Parkhill Professional Center, an office building under construction at 440 Auburn Folsom Road in Auburn.

The letter claimed vandals targeted four $750,000 homes being built by JTS as a “fairly symbolic protest” and that it was undertaken “in honor of everyone who has felt helpless to sprawl and development.”

The office building was targeted “as a statement against work and the horror of the (cubicle),” the letter added.


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January 31st 2005

Students or Salamanders?

We call ‘em CTS, and they’re not Caddies. They’re the California Tiger Salamander, and with most species listed as endangered, there’s some that say they are and others that say they’re not. In any case, this is the kind of craziness that comes from this stuff, as reported by the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

The Bellevue School District could lose $4.8 million in state construction funds because the threatened California tiger salamander may live on the site of its proposed elementary school in southeast Santa Rosa.

An apparent misunderstanding had led the district’s environmental consultants and school officials to believe no salamanders were at the site.

Now, the district, after a six-year effort to build the school, concedes that may not be the case. That leaves the district only four weeks to solve the salamander problem, win federal approval of the project and award a $13 million construction contract. Failure to do so by the end of February forfeits the $4.8 million from the state.

“We’re still going to build the school,” insisted Bellevue Superintendent Armando Flores. But he acknowledged that winning all the necessary approvals within the next month represents a “real challenge.”


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January 31st 2005

Corps: Local Problem No More

My earlier post on Prado Dam and the US Army Corps of Engineers’ shirking of responsibility is no longer valid. Someone must have knocked some sense into them. From the newsletter of OC Supervisor Bill Cambell:

The Army Corps of Engineers has assumed responsibility for repairs, including paying for the repairs for the emergencies at Prado Dam.

It would have been far cheaper for the Corps if they had responded to the harried calls from the dam contractor, and sent someone over to open the floodgates.


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January 31st 2005


My Inside-the-Beltway Liberal mom and I almost got into it last night over Abu Ghraib, then we decided to avoid mutually assured destruction and settle for detent. The episode reminded me, however, of an email that was hanging around in my inbox. It’s copied below; I have no verification of its authenticity, but what it says is true nonetheless.

This Letter was written by

Lieutenant General Chuck Pitman, US Marine Corps, Retired

For good and ill, the Iraqi prisoner abuse mess will remain an issue. On the one hand, right thinking Americans will harbor the stupidity of the actions while on the other hand, political glee will take control and fashion this minor event into some modern day massacre.

I humbly offer my opinion here:

I am sorry that the last seven times we Americans took up arms and sacrificed the blood of our youth, it was in the defense of Muslims (Bosnia, Kosovo, Gulf War 1, Kuwait, etc.)

I am sorry that no such call for an apology from the extremists came after 9/11.

I am sorry that all of the murderers on 9/11 were Islamic Arabs.

I am sorry that most Arabs and Muslims have to live in squalor under savage dictatorships.

I am sorry that their leaders squander their wealth.

I am sorry that their governments breed hate for the US in their religious schools, mosques, and government-controlled media.

I am sorry that Yassir Arafat was kicked out of every Arab country and high-jacked the Palestinian “cause.”

I am sorry that no other Arab country will take in or offer more than a token amount of financial help to those same Palestinians.

I am sorry that the USA has to step in and be the biggest financial supporter of poverty stricken Arabs while the insanely wealthy Arabs blame the USA for all their problems.

I am sorry that our own left wing, our media, and our own brainwashed masses do not understand any of this (from the misleading vocal elements of our society like radical professors, CNN and the NY TIMES).

I am sorry the United Nations scammed the poor people of Iraq out of the “food for oil” money so they could get rich while the common folk suffered.

I am sorry that some Arab governments pay the families of homicide bombers upon their death.

I am sorry that those same bombers are brainwashed thinking they will receive 72 virgins in “paradise.”

I am sorry that the homicide bombers think pregnant women, babies, children, the elderly and other noncombatant civilians are legitimate targets.

I am sorry that our troops die to free more Arabs from the gang rape rooms and the filling of mass graves of dissidents of their own making.

I am sorry that Muslim extremists have killed more Arabs than any other group.

I am sorry that foreign trained terrorists are trying to seize control of Iraq and return it to a terrorist state.

I am sorry we don’t drop a few dozen Daisy cutters on Fallujah.

I am sorry every time terrorists hide, they find a convenient “Holy Site.”

I am sorry they didn’t apologize for driving a jet into the World Trade Center that collapsed and severely damaged Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church – one of our Holy Sites.

I am sorry they didn’t apologize for flight 93 and 175, the USS Cole, the embassy bombings, the murders and beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, etc….etc!

I am sorry Michael Moore is American; he could feed a medium sized village in Africa.

America will get past this latest absurdity. We will punish those responsible because that is what we do.

We hang out our dirty laundry for the entire world to see. We move on.

That’s one of the reasons we are hated so much.

We don’t hide this stuff like all those Arab countries that are now demanding an apology.

Deep down inside, when most Americans saw this reported in the news, we were like – so what? We lost hundreds and made fun of a few prisoners. Sure, it was wrong, sure, it dramatically hurts our cause, but until captured we were trying to kill these same prisoners. Now we’re supposed to wring our hands because a few were humiliated?

Our compassion is tempered with the vivid memories of our own people killed, mutilated and burnt amongst a joyous crowd of celebrating Fallujahans.

If you want an apology from this American, you’re going to have a long wait!

You have a better chance of finding those seventy-two virgins.

Chuck Pitman

Lieutenant General

US Marine Corps (Retired)

Semper Fi


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January 31st 2005

What About Jordanian Colonialism?

28 whacko demonstrators in London

There are 28 Arab faces visible in the photo above, which NBC is flouting about. (here) If you look carefully, you can see the yellow jackets of the rear-guard policemen just behind the second banner, so it’s quite likely that there are no more than 50 or 60 anti-Democracy idiots in this photograph.

They’re demonstrating outside the Iraqi polling center in London, in a futile attempt to quash the hunger for freedom Iraqis showed the world yesterday.

The only real colonialist in Iraq right now, since the US has no intention of staying there any longer than they’re welcome or needed, is the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi. He wants to colonize the Arab world under his view of Islam, and he’s willing to do it at any cost — even at the cost of blowing up school children — ostensibly because he feels his religion is incompatible with freedom. Many Islamic scholars would argue the point with him.

And millions of Iraqi citizens thumbed their noses at him yesterday by raising a purple-dyed index finger skyward and dancing in the streets.

Zarqawi, are you listening?


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January 30th 2005

Remember, It’s The Oil

Writing in the Toronto Star via The Smirking Chimp, Linda McQuaig says not to be fooled by the election in Iraq:

No matter how inspired the rhetoric, the U.S. project in Iraq has never been about democracy. It’s been about getting control of Iraq’s vast, virtually untouched oil reserves, and extending Washington’s military reach over the region.

Could she please point out one official reference, anywhere, that the US is taking any Iraqi oil? Oh, wait, there’s more and it’s even worse:

[The Bush Administration] also drew up sweeping plans to privatize the entire Iraqi economy, including the oil sector — before the Iraqi people got to cast a single vote.

Oh, the shame!


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January 30th 2005

Credit For Iraq Success Goes To …

So now that it appears that the Iraq election was a success, who gets the credit. Reuters opines (hat tip Cursor):

Reuters reports that if Iraq’s election comes off, much of the credit will belong to Carlos Valenzuela, ‘The U.N.’s Electoral Mr. Fix-It‘ from Bogota, Colombia. Plus: an ‘Electoral Fact Sheet‘ from the U.N.


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